We are an Hyundai approved dealer of back up generators up to 18 KVA

Providing backup power solutions to clients who cannot be without essential electrical services at any time of day, diesel generators installed to current regulations ,whether fully automatic transfer, plug in or manually switched control, Our standby diesel generators ensure piece of mind should your grid connection fail.

Uses include home and small business backup, catering/freezer standby & off grid installations.
From supply of portable leisure generator sets to supply and installation of larger fixed units,

Contact us for a competitive price.

Popular Hyundai models include

  • DHY6000SE
  • DHY6000SELR
  • DHY8000SE
  • DHY8000SELR
  • DHY12000SEV2
  • DHY9KSEm
  • DHY11KSEm
  • DHY18KSEm
  • DHY22KSEm

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